Home Decorating Projects

When you need our professional experience, advice or guidance for shorter or smaller home decorating projects

Color and Paint Consultations

Choosing paint colors for your home is one of the most confusing decorating tasks for many homeowners. It’s also one of the least expensive ways to radically change the feel of your space.

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Lighting Plans

Lighting falls into 3 categories: ambient, task, and accent & we’re experts at finding the best types and styles for your budget. We use our installers or yours to assure the job is completed correctly.

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DIY Advice

People often get stumped on certain parts of their DIY projects, or simply suffer from “decorating decision fatigue,” where you’d just like some professional advice, confirmation, or reassurance that you’re on the right path. Let our fifteen years professional experience ease your burden, and help you see you project through fresh eyes.

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Window Treatments

Whether you’re looking for privacy, style, or both, it can be a daunting task to choose window treatments. We measure, provide advice on colors and textures (based on your existing room components), and offer expert installation services. All at discounted rates!

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Reupholstery is a smart and eco-friendly way to breathe new life into vintage and family heirlooms. We bring fabrics to you that meet your durability and style needs, arrange for pick up and delivery, and work carefully within your budget.

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Material Selection

The large variety of materials and finishes available for countertops, backsplashes, and flooring can prove to be quite a daunting task to do on your own!

The interplay of color, texture, materials and their balance is what transforms a room into something special.

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Finishing Touches

Choosing where to place accessories, art and other finishing touches often stumps homeowners. Let our experience in balance, rhythm, symmetry and scale work to make your home sing through the careful placement of this “jewelry” for your home.

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