What We Don’t Do As Interior Designers

  • Disrespect your budget.

There’s nothing worse than an arrogant designer telling you a $2000 end table is your only option. We’ve learned everyone places value on different items in their home: art, upholstery, rugs, lighting, etc. There’s always splurge items and save items. The bottom line is your overall budget.

  • Overpromise and under deliver.

We will be honest about what you’re purchasing and its quality level. We won’t tell you a $499 machine made rug is just as good as a hand-knotted rug that takes 6 months to make. Internet purchasing is difficult because photographs don’t tell you how well a piece is made, only how well the photographer shot it. We also give you an accurate timetable of when to expect your new room to come together.

  • Judge what your house looks like and make you get rid of everything.

It’s way more interesting to us to work with existing pieces that have meaning to our clients. What we’re in your home to do is create a pleasing space that you

  • Force you to accept a design you don’t like.

We love to know what you don’t like. It becomes a fabulous puzzle for us to decode. We won’t stop until you’re delighted with the end result. We never want you to settle!

  • Cut into your construction budget.

There are a dizzying array of choices these days for every object in your home. After doing this for 15 years, we know where to look for good values and vendors we can trust. This actually comes out saving our clients money.

  • Only take on large projects.

Some of our projects involve remodeling, moving walls, replacing floors. Others involve getting a few pieces here and there over time. We like the challenge of both large and small projects equally.

  • Agree with your every choice.

Interior design should be a collaborative process, and we are never “yes men” unless we know it’s right. We will tell you if the scale of your furniture is wrong for the proportions of the room, or when a fabric mix just doesn’t work.

  • Charge retail showroom prices.

When we take our clients to trade-only stores, we see many heads exploding over the retail price tags. Gone are the days of the snooty designer who charges “list.” We know how much items sell for on the Internet and always do our best to be as competitive as possible, discounting off retail prices.


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