The rhythms of this holiday gifting season are different for me this year. As a kid growing up in the 80’s, I remember the almost embarrassing orgy of gift giving and receiving in my family. But fast forward 30 years, and everyone has most everything they need so we opted for no gifts this year. But I love giving gifts so I got thinking…

We heard about this Carson’s Outlet in Aurora that handled all the overstocked merchandise from the regular stores. The day before Thanksgiving, they priced all sweaters and kids clothing at $3!  So we bought lots of sweaters and kids clothing…


and found an organization that distributed them to disadvantaged children on behalf of the United Way.

We’re dropping it all off today!

I bring it up not to garner praise or feed my ego, but because this gift giving feels unfamiliar and strange, yet wonderful. Quite simply, I’m not used to it! As a kid, I used to come up with all sorts of internal “value calculations” about gifting that seem preposterous now. Now it’s about saying thanks to the Universe and honoring the law of giving and receiving.

To throw another wrench in the paradigm of gifting, Alan and I bought ourselves a gift- a subscription to Medici TV. Those of you who know us personally know that classical music is our other passion alongside design. Medici TV is this ingenious way to play concerts, operas, ballets, and music documentaries from Europe through your TV set (I have it on in the background right now!). It’s not quite the same as going to Symphony Center, but I can listen in my underwear, so there’s that…

If you’re still in search of a really special home-oriented gift for someone special or even yourself, Alan and I have dipped our toes into the world of online retailing at our new Facebook store that we call “Gatsby’s Little Designer Holiday Store.” We’ve searched high and low for unique items with character, style, and value that would appeal to our clients and friends. Here’s a taste…(click on images to go to the store)

"Im So Hammered" large bowl- $139
"Show Us Your Pearly Blues" Glass Candle Holders-3 Sizes
"Wooley Friend" Throw- $102 (assorted colors)

if you’re a bargain shopper and around Chicagoland, we have a collection of designer floor samples available at huge savings. These we can’t ship, but we can drop them off. Or come by and pick them up!

"Flynn" Bookshelf Sconce- $175 (was $456 new)
Large Silver Mirror with Sconces- $399 (was $768)
White Glossy Rococo Mirror- $69 (was $309)

We seem to be always hunting for mirrors (or everyone’s really narcissistic these days), so we have a collection of mirrors that we love (this section will grow a lot)

 Bubble Mirror- $340
"Good Morning Sunshine" Starburst Mirror- $269.00
"Mirror Mirror On The Wall" wall mirror- $99.95
"Daisy" Mirror - $145.00

We found some of the cutest handmade holiday pillows too! All locally made in Chicago!

"Presents on the Sleigh" Holiday Pillow- $98
"Dancer is a Dandy Holiday Pillow"- $80

Can’t decide? How about our ‘Gift of Color” gift certificate?

Dean Alan Design Paint and Color Consultation Gift Certificate- $199

Christmas inspires all sorts of warm feelings. I’ll leave with a quote by one of my favorite authors, Robert Fulghum:

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