Design projects involve many different interior components, but usually not all at once. Warning- don’t get overwhelmed and think everything has to be done now! The best pacing is determined by a clearly outlined budget and your comfort level. Sometimes you have to let things marinate!

But you have to start somewhere so here’s a brief snippet about how we can help in individual sub areas. Please come back and visit should something else comes up!

Chicago Interior Design coordinated living room by Dean Alan Design

We help guide you on pieces that work great together, along with custom fabrics and finishes to always stay within your budget. We’ve been finding furniture for our clients for 15 years!

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Bedding and Linens

Luxurious bedding is one of life’s great pleasures- your closest point of contact with fine cottons, elegant tapestries, and exquisite tailoring,

We can guide you through stock and semi-custom bedding and ensembles that compliment your furnishings, colors and floor coverings, and make your bedroom your haven of relaxation and escape. For the ultimate luxury, our workroom can create one-of-a-kind duvets, duvet covers, shams and pillows with the all the fine details that you’ll come to appreciate and cherish. We handle the behind-the-scenes work of yardage requirements, drop, sizing, cleanability, etc.

Many of our clients like to change out their bedding for the seasons for a different feel, so we offer different price points if flexibility and variety are also important.

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Chicago hardwood flooring
Floors and Carpeting

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Area Rugs

Rugs can be a quick and easy pop of color, texture and pattern, a warm and cozy respite for your toes, and/or a cherished heirloom rich with meaning that is passed down through generations. We explain and help navigate through the many complicated points to consider: construction, durability, cleanability, appropriate sizing, and simply determining if rugs are a fixed component you’d like to invest in, or a changeable component you’d like to save on.

We often obtain samples before ordering and coordinate selections in relation to other fabrics, colors and patterns in your room because it’s difficult to see true color from pictures, and better rugs have both a “light side” and a “dark side,” depending on your perspective.

If you have difficult sizes or colors to work with, we can also can create a rug “from scratch” in the exact sizing, materials and coloration you need, at surprisingly affordable prices.  As you can probably tell, we love rugs!

Chicago custom window treatment detail with custom rod, sheers, and grommet header
Custom Draperies

Beautiful window treatments are one of the most dramatic ways to enhance your home’s views. We believe in window treatments that are simple, clean, and beautifully tailored, with careful thought to blending with the other components in your room.

We provide professional measuring and installation services, and handle all the behind the scenes thoughts like fabric draping considerations, fullness, and hardware coordination so you don’t get overwhelmed with small details.

After we’ve done our work, we present you with a few carefully curated options to make the process simple, quick, and in line with your room’s overall budget.

Chicago one-of-a-kind finds
One of a Kind Finds

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Chicago blinds for light and privacy control
Window Blinds, Shades and Hard Treatments

Blinds, shades, or shutters? Aluminum, wood, or fabric? Motorized? While hard window treatments are primarily designed for function, (privacy and light control), the aesthetic choices available today are both endless and priced all over the map. We simplify this!

After determining your preferences and budget, we’ll arrange for a professional measure that will identify any possible complications for installation, mounting, and determine exact sizing. We coordinate colors, textures and materials based on the other style components in your room.

If you need privacy until your blinds arrive (in usually 1-2 weeks), we’ll even arrange for temporary shades until your professional installation is completed. Stress relieved.


Custom Made pillows and accessories, floral motif decorating by Dean Alan Design

A home doesn’t feel complete without finishing touches. We favor important pieces that have meaning, curated over time. But less expensive pieces should be changed out for the seasons too to give your home freshness! Variety is the spice of life. One cardinal rule: don’t buy stuff just to fill up your house- it will end up in a garage sale fast!

St. Charles Lighting Plan by Dean Alan Design

Replacing builder-grade fixtures makes a gigantic improvement in a home’s overall feel. Falling into three general types: ambient, task, and accent, we’re experts at finding both the best types and styles of lighting for your project.

When possible, we prefer to show you lighting selections in person at our favorite trade-only resource, CAI Lighting, since we’ve found searching online is often problematic (too many options), and it’s very difficult to distinguish quality versus expensive photography.

We present lighting choices simply, after carefully considering functional needs and decorative wants, and interface with your preferred contractor, or use our trusted team of installers to complete the job correctly.

Elgin custom artwork curated by Dean Alan Design
Custom Artwork

Don’t neglect your walls! Artwork is one of the most important ways to personalize your new space, and we have sources to fit most every budget, all the way up to custom art you commission!

If you’re a collector and/or aficionado of fine art, great- we love you! If you however want more direction, we offer resources in countless mediums to help tie together all the colors, textures, and themes in your space.

St. Charles wallpaper decorating by Dean Alan Design
Wallpaper and Wallcoverings

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